Improving the Academic Performance of Grade 5 Pupils of Amado T. Reyes Elementary School Through Project DREAM



This research study aimed at identifying the impact of Project DREAM on improving the academic performance of the Grade 5 pupils of Amado T. Reyes Elementary School. The study was conducted for two quarters from August 2018 to January 2019 with twenty (20) pupils as the target participants. The study made use of one-shot experimental design to look into the effectiveness of Project DREAM in improving pupils’ performance in Mathematics. The findings showed that the academic performance of the pupils in Mathematics was improved. For the second quarter, there was an increase of 19.73 in the MPS using the T-test of the difference between means of correlated data, the t-test computed value is -5.33 in the second quarter is more than the critical value of 0.01 at .05 level of significance with 19 degrees of freedom.