Every elementary and secondary school shall organize a Parents-Teachers Association (PTA) for the purpose of providing a forum for the discussion of issues and their solutions related to the total school program and to ensure the full cooperation of parents in the efficient implementation of such program.Every PTA shall provide mechanisms to ensure proper coordination with the members of the community, provide an avenue for discussing relevant concerns and provide assistance and support to the school for the promotion of their common interest. Standing committees may be created within the PTA organization to coordinate with community members. Regular fora may be conducted with local government units, civic organizations and other stakeholders to foster unity and cooperation.

As an organization operating in the school, the PTA shall adhere to all existing policies and implementing guidelines issued or hereinafter may be issued by the Department of Education.The PTA shall serve as support group and as a significant partner of the school whose relationship shall be defined by cooperative and open dialogue to promote the welfare of the students.


To establish a working relationship from and among parents, teachers and administration in the formulation and efficient implementation of progressive education programs enhancing the values and development of the students which includes moral, sports, aesthetic appreciation, recreational pursuits, languages and cultures.

To work for the general concern and welfare of the students by:

providing assistance to the best capacity of the Association in the improvement of the instructional facilities and by.

fostering and maintaining a harmonious relationship based on truth, honest and just and mutual respect between parents, teachers and school administration.