In recognition of the need to organize a pupil governing body in the elementary level which shall embody the ideals, principles and practice of participatory democracy and citizenship and serve as a venue for pupils to develop their leadership and social skills, the Department of Education hereby institutionalizes the Supreme Pupil Government (SPG) for implementation of all elementary schools nationwide.

The Supreme Pupil Government, being the counterpart of the Supreme Student Government (SSG) in secondary schools, shall serve as the highest level of pupil organization in school governance in order to help promote the welfare of the entire pupil population.

The Supreme Pupil Government shall implement programs, projects and activities which will benefit the pupils under the guidance of the school administration. Such projects shall include Clean and Green Campaigns, Environmental Programs, Health Campaigns, English Speaking and Reading Campaigns, Brigada Eskwela, Leadership Trainings and other related activities.


The Supreme Pupil Government shall have the following objectives:

Develop love of God and country, moral character, personal discipline, leadership potentials, self-confidence and initiative among the pupils;

Train pupils for effective and efficient leadership;

Establish programs and projects that will promote goodwill, unity and cooperation between and among pupils;

Serve and protect pupils’ rights and welfare;

Provide a good environment for learning, training and growth opportunities;

Contribute to school aspirations to promote quality education and academic excellence; and,

Represent the pupil population in the policy-making body of the school concerning pupils’ welfare.